PROBLEM: People plan for traffic on their everyday commute, but they don’t make plans for emergency evacuations.

SOLUTION: Incentivize Wazers to create ridesharing teams and evacuation routes in advance of an emergency.

Waze Evacuate

Encouraging Emergency Preparedness


Help everyone get to safety more quickly in the event of an emergency evacuation.


When Wazers become part of an emergency ridesharing team, they unlock a special skin and also earn more points per mile every day they drive. In the event of an emergency, tolls will be suspended earlier on behalf of Waze for ridesharing teams in order to reduce the number of cars on the road and stagger evacuation traffic.


Waze Evacuate uses the existing concept of “skins” and rewards points built into the social navigation app to induce enrollment in the program; I was central in devising these incentives. I also designed the screens and flows to ensure easy sign-ups before and usage during an emergency.

User Flows