PROBLEM: Caregivers must make sacrifices in their own lives in order to help others.

SOLUTION: Create an app to restore a caregiver’s sense of well-being through small tasks that lead to mighty moments.


Caring for Caregivers


Create a product that will positively impact caregiver health and wellness.


Voluntask is an app-based solution for alleviating caregiver burnout that leverages and formalizes caregivers’ existing local networks of friends and family members to make it easier for them to ask for and receive help. Caregivers are a diverse group, so Voluntask connects caregivers with helpers to manage more general needs so that they can better balance care for their loved ones and themselves.


I was part of the original interdisciplinary team of Computer Science and Medical graduate students that conceived the concept during a hackathon. I took the rough idea from the event, added some bright Brandcenter minds and ran with it to try to further develop the product, business and brand. I’ve had my hands and heart all over this project.

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