PROBLEM: Employees aren't participating in Spotify's internal volunteering program.

SOLUTION: Foster a culture that celebrates volunteerism by extending the internal program into the external product.

Spotify for Good

Turning Selfishness into Selflessness


Generate more employee participation in Spotify's internal volunteering program, Project Impact.


Spotify for Good is the new Project Impact. We renamed and revamped the program to include an internal microsite, one that removes the barriers to participation, facilitates communication, and recognizes employees for their effort. We also infused Spotify for Good into the Spotify app by allowing users to run and raise money for various causes and charities.


I devised the experience strategy to organize the program holistically and leveraged the psychology of selfishness to drive our tactical approach. I conceived and designed the external product extension, recognizing the potential for a symbiotic relationship between Spotify Running and Spotify for Good and also the need for a charitable, user-facing component.