PROBLEM: People embrace internet slacktivism but not actual donations.

SOLUTION: Solicit small ten cent donations in order to procure larger donations through a social media campaign.

The Salvation Army

Send love simply this holiday season


Create a campaign to help increase donations during the holiday season.


Ten cents is an amount you wouldn’t bend down to pick up if you dropped it. The Send Love Simply campaign only asks for this small amount, because if everyone in New York City donated ten cents right now, The Salvation Army would surpass its public donations for the 2014 fiscal year in a day. Now imagine if everyone donated a dollar. Ten cents is where it all begins.


I wired up an old morse code sounder and key with an Arduino Uno to create a prototype for our microsite concept. Users can select their one word for the holidays and watch their message get tapped out in real time or pay ten cents to adorn their Facebook profile picture with their one word.

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