PROBLEM: Digital magazines cannot defy their stereotype as a tablet-bound medium.

SOLUTION: Create a mobile-only magazine built for the Snapchat generation.


Budget cooking as a lifestyle


Brainstorm and bring to life the future of the digital magazine.


There are plenty of places one can go to get recipes, but few that offer low budget recipes, life counseling and late night entertainment all-in-one. The frugal foodie market is underserved by this combination of content and culture. Gristle is an edgy, cheap guide to gloriously gluttonous consumption on a budget.


I devised the interface and interactions, taking cues from Snapchat’s content strategy to create a mobile-only magazine. All wayfinding is deliberately lightweight or nonexistent, forcing the reader to explore and engage in a more playful way. There’s also late night content users can trigger via the accelerometer to enjoy the unsavory side of food entertainment.

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