PROBLEM: It’s hard to see how one leaky faucet could make a difference in the Californian drought.

SOLUTION: Visualize the impact of residents’ actions to prevent water waste and prompt competition to drive participation.

Cap the Tap

Reducing Water Waste by Design


Leverage or create a new technology to connect consumers to a branded cause.


DASANI has the power to spark social media chatter about water conservation in California and beyond. With a newly invented bottle cap that decreases the average faucet flow rate and an integrated social media campaign to get Californians tweeting and competing, Cap the Tap is a simple way to drive conversation and water conservation.


Cap the Tap was the 2016 ADWEEK Project Isaac Gravity Award Winner in the Design Invention category. Read more here.


I designed and built the website and helped write the script of our case study video, making sure our story was consistently told across multiple platforms. I also guided the social media concept; creating incentives for participation by allowing residents to track their impact and by leveraging the rivalry between Norcal and Socal to create social buzz.

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