PROBLEM: A fitness program is an easy activity to begin and a tough routine to form.

SOLUTION: Design a motivational, educational and rewards system to make going to the gym a habit that sticks.

AFF Band

A Wearable for the
In-Gym Experience


Boost gym membership enrollment and attendance during the fall when resolutions falter.


Why do some people visit the gym year round without issue but for others it's nearly impossible to keep up the routine past their initial New Year's resolution? To answer this question, we performed psychographic analyses of various fitness personalities and examined the systems currently in place at your average gym to try to design a better, more habit-forming experience.


I created a competitive analysis of existing wearables and their feature sets in order to carve out an own-able niche for the AFF Band in a crowded market. I also helped define and refine the in-gym flows and research behavioral psychology around habits and the Hook model in order to make our strategic decisions.

Wearables Audit